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Sorare is a football card blockchain game that uses real-life stats, form, and player skills to predict match results.

If you think you’re a football expert, then try your luck to manage a 5-a-side team and win big.  Sorare is a crypto-based fantasy football game that has surged in popularity because of its ability to be both realistically entertaining and profitable.

Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, two French software developers who founded the Sorare Company in 2018, created the game. Sorare's major milestone allows it to expand its content to deliver a gamer's experience with licensed football players from 227 teams across 39 famous leagues, like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, FC Bayern, and Atletico Madrid.

Sorare's gameplay is as straightforward as a typical football match, based on real-life player skills. As a football manager, you need to draft the right players since the same players' real-life performance on the pitch will determine match results. To earn more from the game your goal should be to rack up the most points on the public scoreboard and in return, you can earn exciting prizes like ETH and spectacular/rare player cards.

There are 4 Card Types

Limited: This is a yellow card with a most limited supply of 1,000 cards per 1 player.

Rare: This is a red card with a minting capacity of up to 100 cards per player.

Super Rare: A blue card is mintable with 10 cards for a player.

Unique: A one-of-a-kind black card that can only be generated once per person. The legendary cards that every Sorare player dreams of are these unique cards that are tradable.

Unlike the mythical Unique card, which is available by winning a match or completing a special assignment. However, Super Rare, Rare, and Limited cards are available in a variety of ways. Level 0 is the starting point for all cards. The level/stats of cards can be raised if the football player performs well, so you can either sell the cards in the marketplace or keep using them in the match to obtain a competitive advantage. The higher the rank, the more valuable you are in the marketplace.

How to play Sorare?

  • Create an account on Sorare at

  • Draw common cards as starters for your three preferred teams. (Common cards are not exchangeable in the marketplace.)

  • Obtain more starter cards by completing beginner tasks.

  • If you're ready to get started right away, click 'Play.' There will be various levels of competition, from Common to Unique, each with its own set of rules.

  • By clicking 'Market,' you can also exchange football player cards in the NFT marketplaces. As a medium of exchange, ETH is required.

  • To return to the game, you must place five cards on each of your team's positions.

  • After the match has been played out in the actual world, the score will be calculated. You'll get extra points as a result of your players' success.

  • The total amount of points earned will be utilized to calculate the prize at the end of the week. You will gain more rewards if your players are ranked higher on the weekly scoreboard.

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